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From Brown to Bright - Developing brownfields for solar projects in Ohio - Shared screen with speaker view
Bricker & Eckler LLP
Thank you for joining us today. Please feel free to ask any questions here in the chat. We will get to them at the end.
David Baltzer
are there any industry standard solar agreements available between owners and EPC contractors? or is there only unique project specific agreements?
Paul Kennedy
Curious if anyone on the call has feedback on working with co-op power companies vs. investor owned. This could feed into incentives/financial structure. Finally, with HB 6 uncertainty, I wonder if anyone has feedback about how HB 6 issues might affect solar decisions. THX
Meg Maloney- City of Dayton
What would your recommendation be if a city is interested in placing solar on a brownfield but do not want to be the owner of the landfill (due to the liabilities) but might not be able to lease the land from the current owner? In your experience, how have you seen this issue worked out?
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Mike Foley
Paul, our IOU, First Energy said they didn't have the regulatory ability to do the virtual net metering, which is why we went through our local muni electric company which has more flexibility. I suspect a co-op has similar flexibility.
Andrea DeBernardis
what incentives/legislation is available to support large scale solar in Ohio? Is there a MW cap?
Mike Foley
Andrea, - no incentives that I know of, in fact HB6 hurt solar development by basically ending the value of Renewable energy credits in Ohio. In terms of MW cap, anything over 50Mw needs approval from the OPSB in addition to the EPA Rule 13 considerations that Christy talked about.
wonderful presentation. will it be available later at a web site?
Bricker & Eckler LLP
Hi Julie - Yes, we will be emailing a copy of the slides after the presentation.
Darius Hixon
Did House Bill 6 caused any barriers to development?
Mike Foley
Conor, it depends on the type of project. "behind the Meter" roof top solar I think you can bid out like we did for 4 buildings and save some money. give me a call and I can walk through this a bit